Latvian Anglers & Hunters Club

Latviešu mednieku un makšķernieku klubs


The club organizes a variety of regular activities year round throughout the spring, summer, autumn and winter months. If you would like to participate in any of these activities or have any questions, please contact

See specific dates for events in the calendar.

Fishing Tournaments & Events


We said we won't offer any trophies....Just "BRAGGING RIGHTS"! This is our first "Little Bragger", Markus T. and he certainly deserves a trophy for this monster!

Where are all the other Fishing Enthusiasts??? Bragging rights must follow the following procedure:

Please measure your fish according to the guidelines of the Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters (though not as stringent).  Your fish must be weighed on a scale and measured for Total Length and Total Girth.  Total length is the measurement from the tip of the snout to the tip of the tail (with the tail collapsed) in order to get the longest possible measurement. Girth is measured at the fish’s widest point !
Each entry must be accompanied by a least one clear, detailed colour photo showing full length side view of the fish.  The fish should fill as much of the photograph as possible.  The photograph should include a ruler alongside the fish to verify its length.  Both the fish and ruler should be the same distance from the camera.  Also, please advise the date your fish was caught and where you went fishing !

Please e-mail this information along with your photo to: liz


No suggestions have been received for a charter fishing expedition. But this idea always remains open to discussion!

Sunday Shoots -See front page or calendar for dates

See Photo Gallery

A relaxed and fun day to practice your trap and skeet shooting, Sunday Shoots are usually a great time to warm up for a Turkey Shoot. Once we have completed a few warm-up rounds (each round is $5 for members, $8 for non-members).


We usually get down to playing some exciting games of P-I-G. Think hangman with a 12Ga.If you have never played P-I-G, you don't know what you are missing! This popular trap shooting game tests your speed and reflexes against your friends, and keeps club members and guests coming back to the club for more.

Bring your own shotgun and shells. Take your own drinks and a ready lunch, or pack some charcoal to grill up your own kebobs or wieners on the club grill.

Note: A minimum number of 3 shooters/participants are required to hold a Sunday Shoot! All participants must contact Vice president Rob W. at or Shooting Director Ed B. at the week before the shoot to confirm that they will be attending. If we don't have enough interest, you will be notified by return e-mail that the event has been cancelled.

Turkey (Target) Shoot -See front page or calendar for dates

Come out and try your hand shooting at stationary paper targets and maybe your skill will win you a gift card or other prize.

Everyone shoots with the same club shot gun to keep the technological advantage or firearm familiarity out of it. Many people have come to the Turkey Shoot to shoot for the first time at the club and then returned as regular members.

After the stationary Turkey Shoot, interested participants can participate in an organized trap and skeet shoot for additional prizes.

Internal / External Shoot -Annually in June -see front page or calendar

See Photo Gallery

This is a formal trap (singles, handicap and doubles), skeet, 22 calibre rifle and pistol competition open to club members and outsiders. Please be on time! Everyone is expected to show up early for registration. Once the competition begins at 10:00 a.m. latecomers cannot be entered in the events that have already commenced.

Please, let’s get a group together and come to Berzaine in June!  

An invitation has been extended to members of the Hamilton Club as well.  For further information and to confirm your attendance, please contact Ed B.

Inter-club Invitationals

See Photo Gallery

The club is occasionally invited to tournaments at and with other Latvian hunting and fishing clubs in Canada and the U.S. The club advertises to club members when such opportunities arise.

See Front Page OR Calendar for Dates

To be held at the Hamilton Latvian Club - Lielupe.

or The Lithuianian Club (Hamilton Area clubs)

Contact Maris T. for further information. They ask that people arrive early, however, you MUST be of genuine Latvian descent to attend this shoot ! 


Work/Clean-up Days - Early April -see Front Page or Calendar

Photo Gallery

Thank you to the members who came for our Spring Work Day...regardless of the cold and rain. Much was accomplished and cleaned up and Berzaine is ready for the summer!

Annual General Meeting - Early, April - see Front Page or Calendar

Photo Gallery


A well attended Annual Meeting which was very much appreciated. Our meeting ended with a hearty lunch and a "mini" turkey shoot to help defray the cost of the AGM. Thank you to all the attendees.

Camp Sidrabene - Counselors in training

July 2014 - Sending their "Thanks for great day" at Bērzaine!